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About Me

I am a broadly interested person who enjoys many hobbies (sports, jamming, gaming and many more), and I am passionate about science & technology and education.

Teaching others is one of my greatest passions. Whether it was during a game of street hockey with my neighbours as a child, serving as a camp counselor and staff mentor over many years, serving as a TA at university, helping clients gain proficiency in technology with my TechTutor service, or just sharing some knowledge with a friend, teaching and learning are integrated into most things I do. 

After high school, I participated in a gap year program where I volunteered for six months and learned in a university setting for three months. For one trimester I volunteered on an ambulance daily; the experience of providing emergency care sparked my interest in health sciences and patient care. I also spent three month teaching English as Second Language to middle school students in an underserved community, which was my first formal experience in education. 

I studied sciences in undergrad, eventually finding my way into academic research and pursuing a PhD in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University. The teaching aspect of graduate school was as rewarding as the opportunity to conduct high quality research and share my findings with global experts in Vision Science. I learned a lot about myself and had the opportunity to develop skills like basic coding and data visualization that have changed my approach to problem solving. 

My postdoctoral fellowship at The Rotman at Baycrest was a very unique experience. I worked on two projects converting cognitive interventions into online apps and testing their effectiveness, and had the unique opportunity to work on the scientific, business, knowledge translation, and user experience aspects of both. 

I am now working as a Project Manager at the Kunin-Lunenfeld Centre for Applied Research & Evaluation (KL-Care) at Baycrest. Our team provides various research support services for projects in the geriatrics space, and my focus has been on projects evaluating healthcare technologies in research-clinician/industry partnerships. 

In my spare time, I enjoy anything related to technology, and spending time with my friends and family...and its been a been a great year to be a Raptors fan!

I also run a private consulting service called TechTutor, where I teach the basics of using personal consumer technology (smartphones, PCs, wearables), help with device setup & troubleshooting, and run some advanced courses. 

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